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Board Meeting Minutes of Mar 2019

by TEK | May 1, 2019 

AVAD 19-3

Minutes of March 18, 2019

In attendance Tom, Nicole, Dave, Jordon, Andra, Mark, Kenny Owens, Ron McFarland.

Meeting called to order at 1806

Minutes we’re reviewed, with a motion to accept made by Jordon, seconded by Tom. Voted on, carries 5/0

Treasures report, Tom Kainz. DOLA requested Fremont Treasurer to hold our funds. Some reports have to be resent before the funds ($49K+) will be released. The annual budget has set aside $2K for Fremont County fund rates, that figure is too low and needs to be adjusted next year. Tom also reported the chance to buy two radios costing $300 each and also the need to have them programmed. Motion was made by Dave to buy them, seconded by Andra, carried 5/0

Jordon has a report covering CPA. SDA, which we are a member of since Feb 28, has a list of recommended CPAs. Community Resources Services is on the list. Next question is what do we want a CPA to do? Answer, billing accounts, benefits for EMTs and Drivers.

Nicole reported on our Exempt from Audit. Looks like she can fill it out on line.

Training and retention. Class is going well, we have 4 students, 3 for us and one for Salida. Only four weeks left to April 27. We will be doing Driver Training separately, with CPR and first aid. Classes will be held at Howard Hall, date to be determined.

Reach Helo Training is scheduled for April 5, 5:30, Friday at HVFD.

Active 911 will be made available to students for $10.

Jordon’s update on insurance. We are officially covered since Feb 19. His next objective is Risk Management and Human Resources.

We will need an active accounting service by May, including a CPA. Our application for Medicare/Medicaid will be sent via certified mail. With that fee of $586 must be paid. Andra made a motion for Nicole to pay that with the debit card. Seconded by Dave, voted, passed 5/0.

Grants. Step one has passed a waver for our 10% grant. Step two and three are left. We could use some help from our volunteers to help file for grants and do some extra work.

Operations material will be restocked for A1 and A2.

Andra is working on a mileage reimbursement for volunteers. Possible rate of 58 cents a mile.

Nicole suggested we get all our EMTs and Drivers to a meeting. The meeting would be a way to have old volunteers join us now. One of our new board members needs to call and set up a meeting. To do this we will need a packet of information which would include HEPA forms and our list of incentives for them to become involved. We should have a Planned Round Table in June. We maybe able to find our 18 radios and redistribute them. Invites should be anyone with past history with AVA, EMTs and Drivers. We must take our time and get it right, then present it.

AVA update…they would like for us to purchase A2. Thought is to give us A1 anytime we get setup to do billing. A2 has a lien on it for $30k. If we bought it now for $30k we could free up the lien, enabling AVA a little room to wiggle. In the end there are chances we would get the funds returned to us, if nothing else we would have a fully working Ambulance for only $30K. That would put our cash flow very low, however we do have funds on the way. The District also could go into debt and obtain a loan. Tom will check with HCB and obtain figures for us. Insurance will be ending soon on both units, and they would like to move them without paying those fees twice.

Andra has submitted paperwork to become a recertified EMT, and was wondering who the cost should go to. A motion was made by Dave, seconded by Jordon. AVAD will pay for this certification. Vote 4/0/1. This also established a reimbursement policy for AVAD covering cost when becoming certified.

To continue AVA website we will pay $17 to keep it going, redirecting that site to AVAD.

Next meeting April 15, meeting adjourned 2016


Submitted by Dave Van Nattan