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Board Meeting Minutes of June 2019

by Thomas Kainz | Jul 29, 2019

AVAD 19-6

Minutes of June 17, 2019

Arkansas Valley Ambulance District Board Meeting, June 17, 2019

Attendance: Nicole, Tom, Andra, Dave. Guest Jim

Meeting was called to order at 1813.

Minutes from last month were presented, motion to accept minutes was made by Andra, seconded by Tom. Voted 3/0/1.

Nicole presented an email from Jordan Celwell. He was resigning the Boards effective today 6/17/2019.
Accordingly we have 60 days to replace him.

Financial report was given by Tom. Our incomes were $9916.77, $2726.03, $66.04, and $25.44 interest, totaling

  • Expenses were $315.85 (batteries) $184.65 (advertising), $251.18 (cleaning supplies).
  • Total receipts so far is $147760.50, approximately 90% of estimated tax revenue.
  • We also have $540 in the Norm Lastivica account.
  • Dave made motion to accept financial report, seconded by Andra, vote 4/0/0.

CPA hiring was discussed, Community Resource Service has sent a proposal (10 pages). A motion was made by Dave, seconded by Andra to give Board authority to Nicole to push forward on hiring a CPA based on the proposal received from Community Resources of Colorado, CRS, based on Greenwood Village, Co.

Futures events include July 4th event at Howard Hall. We should have a presence there.

Legal Issues: the subject of AVAD boundaries was addressed. Andra will contact DOT to ask about putting up signs to indicate this is AVAD boundaries between Deer Mountain and Chaffee County, along Highway 50.