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Board Meeting Minutes of October 2019

by Thomas Kainz | Feb 8, 2020

AVAD 19-10

Minutes of October 20, 2019

Arkansas Valley Ambulance District Board Meeting, October 20, 2019
Attendance: Nicole Lewis, Tom Kainz, Andra Dalton, Dave Van Nattan,  Dave Craft

Guest(s): Mark Rowland

Meeting called to order at 18:05
  • Minutes presented and motion made to accept by Tom, seconded by Andra, voted 5/0.
  • Resolutions will be available in OneNote, motion by Tom, seconded by Andra, vote 5/0.
Treasures report presented
  • Last months expenses were for Med1 $1848.88, and supplies for $4188.28.
  • Full balance is $153,905.48, reserves of $54300.46, fund available $99,599.02.
  • CRS will be doing our financial reporting soon on a month to month basis.
  • Student Mike Scott has dropped class and will be billed for half of the class as per student agreement.
  • Budget review is due Dec 15.
Ambulance Director Report:
  • Mark feels budget considerations for volunteer incentives and recruit retentions needs to be included in the budget. We should also reimburse the cost of testing for students ($80-90 each), up to three tries.
  • Our state grants are set up where we pay for the expense then get reimbursed 90% which is paid in about three weeks. Next years grant starts Dec 15 and closes Feb 15. Need to watch for what we ask for, if we ask for a financial weaver of 50% and get turned down we must wait another year to reapply. To rechassie an ambulance would cost $100-150K, vs a new ambulance?
  • We have two new Colorado certified EMTs, Shara and Michele.
  • A2 rear spring has been fixed and is all ready to go and Mark will be moving it to his location.
  • Cost to do that will be a reimbursement for electrical supply to the ambulance (approx $65+ per month).
  • We have a work session with EMTs and drivers coming up. Volunteers will be given our plans for volunteers.
General Discussion

“Trunk or Treat”

  • Nicole advises us of the “Trunk or Treat” event at HVFD and requested help with that event. Plan is to decorated A2 and give out treats to kid. Banner and gifts will be made available also.

Policy and procedures

  • Still being worked on by Nicole and Andra. They will present the findings to the board soon. 

Status of housing A2 in Coaldale

  • Nicole is working with Big Horn for a temp location. 

Trading and retention

  • We had one drop out from college, and the college will bill him directly. Nicole will review our contract with Dan Slater concerning mileage reimbursements.


  • At the Nov 13 volunteer meeting we will gather information on who will have uniforms and which company we will use to purchase from.

Volunteer recognition

  • A small dinner will be provided. Compensation for volunteers will be a $500 sign on stipend (shifts required), uniform allowances, certification and similar reimbursements, party prize drawings based on quarterly performance were discussed, radios for active volunteers. 

Patient Billing

  • We now bill Medicare thru Business Options. 


  • Laptops will be ordered by Tom for A1 and A2. 

AVA update

  • Waiting on completing 990s, once resolved they will disband, forwarding or transferring remaining assets to AVAD. 
Budget discussion

Modifies corrections

Community outreach was $1500 increase to $4500

Facility reimbursement was $1200 increase to $3600

Insurance workman comp was $6000 increase to $7000

Uniforms was $2000 increase to $10,000

Training continuing education (new) $20,000

Training devices

  • books was $2000 increase to $3000
  • Training equipment was $1000 increase to $2000

Ambulance computers was $2000 increases to $3000

Ambulance Maintance was $3000 increases to $6000

Vehicles (new) $35,000

Grant matching (new) $6000

Medical devices (new) $6000

Nicole is to contact CPS to see how this will work and affect our proposed budget.


Adjourned 22:05

Next schedules Board Meeting Nov 18, 2019