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Board Meeting Minutes of December 2019

by Thomas Kainz | Feb 8, 2020

Arkansas Valley Ambulance District Board Meeting, December 14, 2019

Attendance: Nicole Lewis, Andra Dalton, David Craft, David Van
Supporting Staff: Mark Rowland, Jim Lemermeier.

Special note: This was a combined meeting and volunteer recognition Christmas dinner. There was no specific meeting agenda.

Meeting called to order

  • Minutes from November 18, 2019 were presented and approved without corrections.

Treasures report

  • Due to the treasurer’s absence, there was no report given. Tom Kainz absence was okayed and approved by the Board 4/0.

General Discussion:

  • Jim Lemermeier asked for approval of $1500 for rear tires for A1.Dave VN made a motion to approve, seconded by David C. Voted in favor with the amount being extended to $1900, vote carried 4/0.
  • Nicole suggested setting up new laptop classes and training.
  • A location in Coaldale is still being worked on. Two additional locations were mentioned and will be followed up on.
  • Student update: our last student passed. We have classes starting in January, 2020. Four students are locked in and a possible two more with yet another two on the “fence”.

Ambulance Director Report:

  • Mark Rowland talked about a 50/50 Provider Grant that will be opened on the 15th and will close on Feb 15. All is handled online with an Agency Profile. This grant could be $75-90K (50/50). We are also working very hard to bring A2 up to the same level as A1. That will entail a CPR Device, one of the reasons for the grant.

AVA Update

  • Jim reported there are working on the 990 forms and have moved ahead on the transfer of grant items being transferred to AVAD.

Adjourned 17:39

Next scheduled meeting will be at the dinner at Riverside Cafe, Dec 18. (subsequently changed to 12/14)