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Board Meeting Minutes of March 2021

by Thomas Kainz | May 1, 2021

AVAD 21-03

Minutes of March 15th, 2021

Attendees: Andra Dalton, Tom Kainz, David Craft, Dave Van Nattan, guest Kenny Owens, Mark Rowland. Absent due to sickness Nicole Lewis.

Meeting called to order by Andra at 1813.

Minutes were presented, reviewed, no corrections. Motion was made by Tom, seconded by Andra, voted 4/0 to accept.

Treasurers Report: Tom reviewed report to Board. February’s balance for checking $57,551.38 received from billing $3395.99. Today’s balance is $57,548.17. Expenses were $6,376 for insurance and $2,959.70 for CRS. Total of all accounts is $260,225.

The Application for Omission from Audit was presented, Board members then signed the form. Motion was made to accept report by Andra, seconded by Dave, voted to accept 4/0. 

Upcoming events: the Ambulance is being reviewed for relicensing, Sara is handling the supplies and Andra controlling the Drugs.

Training is scheduled for April 13.

COVID vaccinations are still on hold.

Training and retention: ground work is almost complete on AED/CPR training. Notices for date of training will be placed on Facebook, in the Blast and at Post Offices.

Nicole is working on an Easter Surprise for volunteer appreciation.

EMT trading possible in the fall, to be checked by Andra.

Volunteer shifts were discussed. Request have been made to have the shifts only six hours instead of twelve. This would enable volunteers to sign up for half a day, perhaps leading to more coverage on other days. Board was in favor of trying six hours shifts for a few months. A draft needs to be made explaining the new system and notifying volunteers of the new six hour shift (Andra).

In connection to shifts it was recommended we start a phone call tree and have our Admin Assistant work on filling shifts.

A “Travel Volunteer Brochure” was discussed. The jest of it is to entice EMTs from other areas to volunteer for our shifts, being compensated by room and board, meal expense, and an opportunity to enjoy this area on their off time. An EMT can come, stay and play.

No policy or risk management at this time.

Billing and Medicare expenses: Mark questioned us about a local case involving a long time resident being transported to Hospice in Salida. It’s felt that there needs to be a charge for this but just what? It is a bad time for the family and they really don’t need the usual bill of $1200-1300. Discussion followed and the Board decided that a “Hospice Transport Charge” be added to our charges at a cost of $300. This would also apply as a “Non-attended Death Charge” also at $300. Business Ops will be notified of this addition.

Land update: still working on areas in Coaldale. A new location we are looking at is Hamilton Creek Road at CR 45.

Ambulance Director Report: Mark informed us that Active 911 is still not working. Active 911 has been notified of the problem by both Mark and Tom, corrections are to be made soon.

Scheduling is not where it needs to be but hopefully the six hour shifts may help.

Mark notified the Board that he will be leaving in the summer.

Dear Mountain has been notified we are NOT an automatic answering service or responders to their calls.

Ram Rod update (AVA). AVA will dissolve in April. AVA can not give AVAD the remaining balance of their accounts. RamRod is a 501c3 and their fund must be given to another 501c3 group. Discussion followed and the members of the Board feel that those fund should be given to Howard Volunteer Fire Department. In the past HVFD carried AVA through some rough times, that help enabled AVA to survive.

 No public comment.


Meeting adjourned at 2011 hours.


Respectfully submitted

Dave Van Nattan