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Financial Report - April 2019

Posted by Thomas Kainz on Jul 27, 2019

Treasurer’s Report

April 15, 2019

For period 03/19/19 through 04/15/19


Our April disbursement contained the disbursements for February and March.

Disbursement Detail:

 MarchAprilYTD Total
 Current Tax $48,377.13$10,544.33$80,119.61
Specific Ownership $2,378.95$2,024.42$4,043.37
 Interest: $$0.04$0.04
 Commissions:($1,451.34)($316.34)($ 2,270.69)

2. Notable Income

  • Two-month tax distributions (see above)

3. Notable Expenses

  • $989.87 Radios (2), batteries (2) repairs and programming (2)($200 offset by T. Kainz donation)
  • $586.00 Medicare Application
  • $690.44 Medical Supplies (Henry Schein & HRRMC)
  • $497.50 FreCom quarterly charges

4. Additional Information

Radio update

Two radios purchased and programmed – ready for use

  • $300 each radio (w/ battery, charger, mic)
  • $169.87 Programming (for both radios)

1 radio repaired (New LCD Screen)

  • $220 w/$200 personal donation applied towards repair

3 more radios ordered from same vendor – ready to go for programming

  • $300 each radio (w/ battery, charger, mic)
  • $900 to be reimbursed to Thomas Kainz (purchase inadvertently charged to PayPal account)

We should consider creating a radio issuance and use policy before signing out radios to include a charge to be assessed should the volunteer leave service and not return the radio.

Purchased stationary supplies

  • Folio Box, stamps, envelopes, printer paper
  • Envelope return address stamp

Started Paying HVFD $100/month for Ambulance storage


Andrew forwarded me a list of AVA’s current vendors and I’m in the process of setting up accounts as necessary with them for AVAD. Accounts set up so far are with

  • Henry Schein
  • Acorn Petroleum
  • Colorado Compressed Gases
  • CRCA (FreCom)