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Financial Report - March 2019

Posted by TEK on May 1, 2019

Treasurer’s Report

March 18, 2019

For period 02/18/19 through 03/18/19

1. MONTHLY TAX DISBURSEMENT: Our second disbursement from the County was held up for 1 week because DOLA had not received our 2019 budget which was due by January 31st. The budget information was actually mailed on 12/31 by Nicole with the return receipt showing delivery a few days later. I reworked the information they were requesting (2019 Budget with 2 year history and anticipated 2019 end of balances and description of key budgetary items). DOLA has since released the hold on our funds – see attached documentation.

Disbursement Detail:

  • Current Tax: $48,377.13
  • Specific Ownership: $2,378.95
  • Commissions: ($1,451.34)

2. Notable Income

  • $ 950.00                Donation from AVAD (MT Training Reimbursement)

3. Notable Expenses

  • $ 5,852.00 Annual Insurance Policy
  • $ 121.50 Dan Slater – Jan charges

4. Additional Information

Two used radios have been ordered (radio, battery, charger, microphone) at $300.00 each – Total $600.00. They are expected to be here by the end of the week at which time they’ll be sent out for programming. To whom do we send them?