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The Benefits of Community

The Benefits of Community

Belonging to a caring, supportive community has a positive effect on an individual’s overall health during both adversity and good times. This is true for any community, whether it is a cultural or faith-based community, a neighborhood, or a living residence. A strong and supportive community where people pitch in and assist each other emotionally, socially, and practically empowers individuals to feel fulfilled, respond better to obstacles, and adapt to new environments..

Social Benefits


Joining a community means you have the chance to improve your personal network, and helping your network grow increases your chances of having positive opportunities through the relationships you create. This could mean a chance to further your career or encountering someone who is able to offer you the help you need. 


Life trips everyone up at times, and whenever that happens you need people to remind you of your true potential. Everyone has a gift that they are meant to share, and finding people to remind you of that makes life a little easier. You will find all this and more in a strong community. 

Professional Benefits


One of the main benefits of joining a community is collective knowledge. This includes everything from staying on top of trends or interests to gaining up-to-date resources and insights from peers. In a community, you can belong in a hub with people that offer unique experiences, perspectives, and connections with available resources. 

Job Opportunities

Many people have found job opportunities due to new contacts made in a community. A community will help you expand your crucial connections and build up your professional reputation. Further, much like with social networking, you will gain professional contacts who will help you expand your industry knowledge and build potential business opportunities. 

Cultural Benefits

Being part of a broad, diverse group gives you a lot of opportunities to learn from different cultures. You get to learn traditions and values of each culture, an advantage that will help you connect with others and maybe even discover personal values for yourself. Their experiences and advice can also point you in the right direction when you are seeking guidance.