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Coaldale Sub-Station Update


The Coaldale Substation.....

Will be a 40 x 60 dispatch and training facility located at the intersection of County Road 45 and Hamilton Creek Road. The facility is anticipated to greatly reduce response times to the eastern portion of AVAD's district - that being the Coaldale area.

Currently, when AVAD is "toned-out" for a 911 emergency, The responding EMT will generally go directly to the scene to assess the situation while the on-call driver will race to the Howard Volunteer Fire Department to retrieve the ambulance and meet up with the EMT on-scene. By having a Coaldale facility, when the incident is in the Coaldale area, valuable minutes can be saved by not having the driver have to initially go in the opposite direction just to retrieve the ambulance and can, instead, grab the ambulance stationed in the new facility and be on-scene much faster.

CURRENT STATUS - 07/30/2022: Pending final permit approval by Fremont County


A document we have been waiting for - the site plan - has finally been completed and "stamped" by the land surveyor. This document "should" complete the packet of necessary information the county needs to approve the project so construction can finally begin.

Coaldale Sub-station Site Plan